It’s a crime: Against her will by Robyn Sultan

Christchurch City is the setting for local author Robyn Sultan’s first crime novel.

Readers will be transported through the streets of Opawa, Woolston, Cashmere and Merivale, as she cleverly uses the Garden City as the backdrop to her storyline.

Robyn explains: “The heroine, Jamie, embarks on a horrifying experience, when she and her friends visit a house that contains narcotics ready to be on-sold to a crime boss. With teenage pressures placing them in an unpredictable situation, against all odds, they choose to deal with it.

“When home owner Nigel arrives, he realises his son Jack, and school friends, are waiting for him in the drug storage room. Drug dealing Nigel, recently out of prison, loses his temper, and takes his anger out on his partner Tessa. Jack intervenes, but he and Tessa are injured in the fallout.
“Nigel races off to hide the drugs, meanwhile Jamie is kidnapped by the crime boss, determined to recover his hidden merchandise.
“The police become involved, and an investigation starts to locate the missing drugs, and discover why Jamie was taken captive.
“This is the story of four sensible teenagers, all different in their upbringing, who, with police help, follow the clues, and work out a plan that defies all odds.
“Both young adults and adults would enjoy this thrilling, easy read.”

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