Shield your hair from the sun: Haar Design

The importance of SPF for protecting the skin is well known, but few know how to keep their hair healthy and hydrated, especially over the harshest time of the year, summer.

Introducing System Professional’s Solar Line, a line designed to protect your precious locks from damage caused by sun exposure. The line has a hair and body shampoo, conditioner, sun oil, cream, and handy spray. “The formula in the products shields hair from summer’s most damaging elements, UV rays, pool chlorine, and salt. The range has a variety of products that cover pre and post-sun haircare that prevent colour fading, breakage, and pool hair,” says stylist Caro Haar.

You can’t get this line at any haircare shop or department store, but you can find it stocked at local hair salon Haar Design. Pop into 90 St Albans Street, Merivale, and a friendly stylist will assist you in choosing the right Solar products in the range so you can have stunning, hydrated hair all summer.

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