Shaping our buildings: Morel Construction

When it comes to building, several questions immediately spring to mind.

What attributes are you likely to look for when considering a company to build your new architecturally designed home, to renovate your existing home or to work on your commercial development? is one of them. Mostly the answer is proven skill, expertise, longevity of experience, good communication and commitment, along with a feeling that you can genuinely trust your builder. Brothers Todd and Dax Morel more than fill all those requirements.

The brothers’ story

They grew up on a South Canterbury lifestyle property with a father who collected “stuff”. “Dad just kept buying more and more vintage tractors and other farm machinery,” says Todd. “We were roped in to help him build sheds to store all the machinery and to restore it. This is where we developed our core knowledge, and also a solid work ethic and passion for everything hands-on.

“We have never lost that in all the decades we have worked in the industry. We are still on the tools.”

Both brothers completed apprenticeships with leading commercial construction companies and worked on many high-profile projects such as the Christchurch Arena, Christchurch Casino, Canterbury University Commerce Building and earthquake strengthening of the Canterbury Museum.

Eventually the ‘Big OE’ called, enabling the brothers to branch out into other areas of the industry ranging from high spec architecturally designed buildings and project management to multi-storey commercial construction and civil works.

Morel Construction

They had long intended to work together in their own company, and in 2009 took on their first contract to build a medical centre at Rolleston. Numerous contracts have followed, both commercial and residential, and their company has grown, especially in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

Todd admits the construction industry is a hard game, and “cut-throat” now that the easy pickings after the quakes have dried up. “Our strength is that we won’t compromise on quality or cut corners just to win contracts. We’ve ridden both highs and lows over the years and of necessity have honed the business down to the taut fighting machine it is today.”

Both are dedicated to the construction industry and to ensuring standards. “It is a great industry, a creative one, even an art form. We love making something perfect, says Dax.

“We see high-end architectural builds as our way forward. Our preferred model is early engagement with architects and clients to keep everything on track and to budget. We certainly commit to doing the very best for all involved in a project.”



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