Creating beautiful bathrooms: Butterfield Bathroom Renovations.

Many people who would have been renovating ahead of selling their house, are now renovating because they’re staying put.

Several television home renovation shows are based on the sell versus stay options. The renovations always add value to the homes. More homeowners in Christchurch are coming to this same conclusion, renovating to turn their houses into their forever homes.

Here to help them is Butterfield Bathroom Renovations.

Martin Lodge, Butterfield’s design consultant, puts the trend down to many deciding that they’re not going to be moving up in the housing market by selling their existing home, so they’re instead making it into the home they love, that reflects their own personal taste.

“This widens the choices in bathroom renovations and makes it more of an emotional decision. Clients can allow themselves to get excited about making their bathroom into something that makes their house a home. It’s all about what they like.

They’re not thinking about what another owner might like or not like,” he says.

A bathroom renovation isn’t dictated by the seasons. Spring and summer bring the ideal temperatures and conditions for some aspects of bathroom renovation (plaster and paint drying), however Martin says you can renovate at any time of year. “We mitigate any cold or damp winter days by bringing in heating to allow optimal drying conditions for paint and plaster.”

When you know you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s time to get excited and creative. Martin says that the more time that people put into their bathroom design and planning, the simpler and more cost effective it will be to complete.

“Everyone’s idea for their bathroom renovation is different. Be open-minded and talk to me and we’ll come up with something that’s beautiful and practical.”
Butterfield’s newly refurbished mobile bathroom can be parked at during renovations, allowing homeowners to stay in the comfort of their house while the work is completed.

Of course, a bathroom renovation adds value to any home. Martin has spoken to several real estate agents who agree that for every $1 spent on a bathroom, the owner will receive $1.50 back.

Take the first step towards your new bathroom; phone Martin on 027 351 1601, email or visit the website for inspiration.



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