Setting the Mood

Lift the spirits of your home, by crafting a mood that suits you. Bright and busy, calm and intimate, make it your own.

Think of the senses. Through things that you can see, hear, touch, and smell, build a mood that makes you happy, which bounces back onto those around you. Construct a good mood in more ways than one.

COLLE table lamp. Find Me: Freedom.

Create mood lighting through lamps and lights, to soften a room and create warm spaces. Opt for a style that interests you. The brightness, style, and tone of each bulb play a part in the mood you build. Through colour, you can add personality. With mood lighting, energy levels and sleeping patterns are regulated. Multiple lighting accents in your space build a pleasant, lived-in atmosphere,  with as much or as little drama as you wish.

Circa Cotton flower & freesia soy candle. Find Me: Coco Gifts.

Tailoring your mood to your personality doesn’t mean adhering gentle music.

Play songs that help you unwind, in whatever genre that may be. Add texture using textiles like wicker, boucle, or velvet. These can appeal to our inner child, becoming good focus points and offering touch-stimulation to reduce stressors and setting a safe mood.

Aganice aramotique candle. Find Me: Aēsop.

Scented candles are the finishing touch to set the mood, an aroma of impression that wafts to your guests’ noses. Sweet and savoury scents like caramel, vanilla, and warm bread create that snug ‘open home’ aura.  Go fresh with a tropical, fruity scent for a relaxing, delicious ambience. If you want something greener, look at a woody or earthy scent, for that natural, soothing aura. Go simple and clean with a fresh linen, a minimally luxurious feel. Use incense for an added effect, where it provides a dreamy haze alongside the fragrance.


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