Science in action: Canterbury Museum

For an immersive family outing, Canterbury Museum has the solution for powering off devices and empowering innovative thinking. Game controllers down; time to get your science on.

Galileo: Scientist, Astronomer, Visionary, this uniquely interactive globetrotting exhibition, is anchored on Christchurch shores until October 31st.
Created by the Artisans of Florence, the exhibition commands international appeal, due to its carefully researched and masterfully handcrafted interactive models of Galileo’s original experiments.

Over 60 reconstructed inventions, including the telescope, the kaleidoscope, and a perpetual motion device are on display, allowing you the opportunity to investigate, explore and even recreate an experiment or two.

Galileo Gallilei, Italian scientist of the late Renaissance period, made huge contributions to astronomy, physics and mathematics, including the discovery of Jupiter’s four moons and early developments to telescopes. His revolutionary thinking led to his ultimate imprisonment and death in 1642.

Such exhibits allow us to truly appreciate the voyage of science and the value of continuous innovation, engineering human development to greater heights.

The future belongs to the curious, they say, so join the adventure.

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