Savour the sweet moments in North Canterbury

So little do we stop to enjoy life’s sweet pleasures.

The quaint towns and relaxing nature of North Canterbury make it the perfect spot to do so. Take a day trip and embrace slow living. You’ll return home refreshed and content after leaning into the little joys in life.

Browse the businesses
Find yourself immersed in communities of bustling retail, with products and services galore. Ditch the speed-shopping mindset and enjoy a stroll through the towns, making an intention to slow down. Visit the shops you wouldn’t normally and give time to enjoying the moment instead of ticking off your to-do list.

A hospitality hot spot, the villages that make up North Canterbury boast plenty of options to eat out. Whether you’re looking for a cosy cup of coffee, a well-cooked steak, or sweet treats for the journey home, you’ll find many spots to sit back, relax, and make the most of the day.

Meet me at the markets
On the drive north, pack your Le Panier French market basket and schedule in a farmers’ market. Support local and enjoy the fresh, thriving energy that encompasses a North Canterbury farmers’ market. Fill up on delectable treats and browse all the handmade goodies on offer. Take the time to get back to the beauty of community and find joy in things you never knew you needed.
Amberley, Saturdays, 9am – 12.30pm.
Ohoka, Fridays, 9am – 12.30pm
Oxford, Sundays, 9am – 12pm.

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