Sashaying into Style

As designers bring back the boho trend with its sun-kissed neutral shades, we’re seeing a healthy dose of fringing in the mix.



Fringing is one of the hottest new looks shimmying its way down the runway this year and it’s not hard to see why. This decorative trim came to fruition in a big way in 1920s; flapper dresses reigned supreme with the Charleston dress remembered as one of fashion’s most iconic milestones.

Fringing fell out of fashion briefly, only to return in the 1950s in full force – this time with a rebellious twist. The trend went strong through the 60s and 70s, taking a bit more of a traditional turn as designers became inspired by the original Native American fringe.

In 2019 it appears the trend of tassels is here to stay. While some of the fringe fashion trends of this year stay true to the western origins, many others are purely modern takes on the style – party dresses, jumpsuits, miniskirts and bags are all featuring the fringe in a multitude of colours and lengths. Gucci, Givenchy and Michael Kors are just three of fashion’s best who have had a play with this fun and funky detailing.

Keep a look out for this swinging material as it emerges on the shoulders of jackets, the hems of skirts and on bags, boots and even belts. Lift a look from casual to tastefully bohemian; the trick is to stick to one fringe piece and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral to avoid looking too cowgirl. Strutting your stuff will never be the same without the swing of fringe – a trend that’s made for twirling!




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