Saint vs sinner: Zebrano

Autumn 2023 promises to be an enthralling time as the cream of both local and overseas designers present collections that mesh art and design without compromising wearability.

The juxtapositions in fashion themes this year is artfully playful – think dreamer versus rebel, flirty versus punk, and while these themes stand strong on their own, there’s no reason not to have fun and mix them up. Zebrano shows us how to pull it off this season, with everything, from leather to chiffon and animal prints to florals, not only gracing the scene but owning it as well.

Unleash your inner rebel in a Lemon Tree biker jacket then team with a Jellicoe ruffle skirt for dreamy softness. A Madly Sweetly plaid blouse over the Bonnie pant from Loobies Story definitely sends mixed messages.

Deeanne Hobbs brings edgy, funky-punk in blacks, black and whites, and zesty, zany patterns, and Curate by Trelise Cooper celebrates the flirtatious spirit in fiesta florals.
For afficionados of avant-garde tailoring, Obi and German brand Rundholz reign supreme. All of these leading labels come in sizes 14 plus, and the fabulous Zebrano team love sharing advice on sizing and styling.

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