Safe and sound: Commonwealth Vault

Security and safety are core values in many people’s lives. Having peace of mind that your most valuable items are as safe as possible is priceless.

What many people don’t understand is that home safes are simply not enough. For items to be properly secure, they need to be out of the home and having trusted experts to help with this is best.

Commonwealth Vault has a unique location in the beautiful heritage building on Oxford Terrace, that holds a lot of meaning. It is a place with continuation, that has stood the test of time, even through hardship. And like the heritage of the building, Commonwealth Vault offers longevity and continuation to their customers.

Operating for over 20 years, they are in the business of long relationships, with secure storage lockers for more than 10,000 customers, protecting their most valuable items. A place people put their utmost trust in, you can rest assured the vault takes security very seriously.

In fact, the vaults are virtually indestructible. With the latest technology in place to ensure the security of the items inside, they are consistently monitored, every day of the year.

There are flexible options that work to suit your lifestyle and needs, ranging from a one-year vault to decades long security. Everyone puts different values on their items, and some things there really is no price for. Sentimental items for example, keeping them safe can protect generations of family history. In this newer age, there are also more and more people with digital assets, with a ‘key’ that is extremely valuable. This newer kind of asset is growing, and something Commonwealth Vault can help secure.

Prices for a year:

Entry level: $285
Largest: $600

Size options:
Mini: 80 x 135.5 x 600mm
Small: 80 x 271 x 600mm
Medium: 97 x 271 x 600mm
Large: 252 x 271 x 600mm

Get in touch today to see what options work best for you.

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