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Retirement ready teeth: Duxton Dental

Old friends of her family recently became patients of Christine Duxbury at Duxton Dental. Now retired, Mary and Bill find they need more maintenance on their teeth so they can eat well, smile confidently and maintain good oral health into their ‘Golden Years’.


Duxton Dental


Unfortunately not long ago on a Mediterranean cruise they spent a stressful day finding a dentist in Venice when Mary had throbbing toothache. This prompted the couple to be more proactive about their dental health and they are determined to have thorough checkups to avoid unwelcome dental emergencies.

Bill’s health has had a hiccup and he finds his medication dries his mouth out, so he has become more susceptible to gum disease and decay. Mary has osteoporosis and the treatment for this means she has to be very careful not to get dental infections.
Mary’s biggest fear is getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease like her parents. Research shows links between these sad illnesses and gum disease. Other conditions impacted are cardiac disease, diabetes and strokes which become more common as we age. Mary and Bill are now locked into regular hygienist visits.

Mary was devastated recently when her granddaughter asked why she had yellow teeth. After some simple tooth whitening, replacing some old front fillings and softening her frown lines Mary has been told she looks years younger. “I only wish we had come to see you while we had incomes ten years ago,” Mary says, “and had our mouths well cared for before retirement”.


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