Resell, recycle, relove: re.clotheme

Clothes are made to be worn and loved, yet so many of our clothes sit helplessly in our wardrobe, waiting to one day be favoured over our most cherished garments.

Multiple studies worldwide have found that one third of women’s wardrobes are never worn, only to deteriorate over years until destination: landfill during a spring clean. But Oxford’s re.ClotheMe is changing that, one garment at a time.
Michelle Anderton saw the problem in fast fashion years ago, always making an effort to be circular. “I’ve bought and sold preloved clothing all my life.”

With a yearning to do something on a larger scale, Michelle opened her own preloved boutique. Bringing slow fashion to the table, re.ClotheMe is all about reselling, recycling, and reloving those pieces that have endless life left in them.

“They just need to be loved by somebody else rather than sitting in our wardrobes,” Michelle says. With conscious, valuable fashion decisions that will last, customers play a direct role in giving back to the planet. Create a capsule wardrobe, that has sustainability at the forefront, with Michelle’s curations of clothes, shoes and accessories, re.ClotheMe is your one stop outfit shop.

Bring your girlfriends, enjoy a wine and experience some retail therapy at re.ClotheMe, 49A Main Street, Oxford.

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