Rescuing problem homes: Jim The Builder

What started as a sticky front door ended up being a major rebuild for one Heathcote Valley house, in what is an all-too-common post-quake story.

The aftermath and pain caused by the traumatic events of 2011 are still being dealt with as builders continue to uncover substandard EQC repairs. Jim Stenberg, director, of Jim The Builder says this is now a reasonable part of their business.

The owners of the 1900s Marsden St house (pictured), purchased through the government’s On-sold Programme, came in for shock after shock as
the true extent of the required repair work unfolded.

The sticky front door soon ballooned into a major project involving demolishing the garage and sleepout, re-piling the whole house and replacing the entire roof.

“We found that the retaining wall on the property boundary had moved and caused the garage to rotate on to the neighbouring property,” says Andrew.
Fortunately for these owners and many others Andrew and the team from Jim The Builder have rescued, the stress is taken away – with all of the EQC and building consent processes taken care of.

Go straight to the repair experts, call Andrew Clark on 027 203 9379 and for details on new build and other services visit the website.

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