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Issues associated with Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) are not easy for women to discuss but Oxford Women’s Health is delighted to say that several of its patients, who have received the MonaLisa Touch treatment, have been more than happy to share their results.


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Lisa*, who is a local doctor, tells her story below:


I decided to try MonaLisa Touch after attending a presentation by (Oxford Women’s Health) gynaecologist Olivia Smart. GSM meant I had been experiencing quite a lot of discomfort during sex. I’m only in my mid 50s but it’s ten years since I went through menopause. The problem with GSM is that it can get worse as time goes by.

I had been using an oestrogen cream but it wasn’t sufficient. I had also looked up laser treatments online but thought they were only available in the North Island. I was really pleased to find Oxford Women’s Health was offering MonaLisa Touch in Christchurch.

After the presentation, I booked an appointment with Olivia for an assessment to see if I was a suitable candidate for the treatment. I then came back for the first of three sessions. The staff were really good and made the whole experience seem very easy. After an anaesthetic had been applied and the laser inserted, the treatment took about five to ten minutes. There was no pain just a slightly uncomfortable feeling in some areas.

After the first treatment, the area felt hot for a couple of hours and there was some slight bleeding. After both the second and third treatments there was only a small amount of bleeding. I also kept using an oestrogen cream, as I know a combination of the cream and laser treatment is supposed to work best.

At the end of the day, I am very pleased to report that it has all worked and sex is much more pleasurable for me again. In my job, I regularly meet women who are having issues like mine and I am now able to confidently say that it is an effective treatment. I am now recommending it to anyone that I think could benefit from it.


For more information on how you can access the MonaLisa Touch treatment or discuss whether this is suitable for you, visit the Oxford Women’s Health website at www.oxfordwomenshealth.co.nz.
*To protect the patient’s privacy, we have used a different name


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