Red carpet run

Earlier this month, throughout New Zealand, hundreds of retired greyhounds took to the red carpet all around New Zealand.

The red-carpet themed fancy dress or Great Global Greyhound Walk (GGGW) took place on 25 September to raise awareness for the breed.

From Invercargill to Whangarei, 24 walks took place throughout the country, setting a record for New Zealand which first participated in 2014 with just five regional walks.

While greyhounds are renowned for their speed, these pets sauntered down the red carpet as proud ambassadors for other ex-racers that are still awaiting a loving home.

The GGGW saw greyhound owners from more than 40 different countries all walking on the same day, with the common goal of adoption awareness.
Greyhounds as Pets (GAP), the national adoption programme for ex-racing greyhounds, hosted a greyhound runway at Auckland’s event in Cornwall Park, and an after party in Christchurch Central, fundraising for the greyhounds in their care.

GAP has found homes for more than 3000 retired racing greyhounds to date, carefully matching each one with their perfect new family.

Famed for their athleticism, greyhounds are actually lazy pets, with many enjoying 18 hours of sleep and one short walk a day.  GAP says they make great apartment dogs, are loyal companions, and enjoy accompanying their human to a cafe or the pub.

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