Re-assign design fun

As 2024 slowly unravels, numerous design aspirations are being re-ignited giving rise to a renewed determination to decorate anew.

Something about entering the vibrancy of a new year begs us to chase the object of our design affections. Often, it’s more than that instinctive and necessary new year spring clear-out. Rather, it is the ear-marked idea pages from your favourite magazine, carefully placed on the coffee table, that now demand your immediate attention and implementation. Whether it’s a lick of fresh paint, an effervescent new wallpaper, bright new fabric prints for old cushions, or exciting re-upholstery for a well-loved armchair, embrace authenticity within the trends for interior design this year. Breathe fresh energy into rooms with each element. Every piece tells a story, what is yours
in 2024?

Dopamine décor
Time to bid farewell to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Dopamine décor is one term being echoed this year, as an aesthetic that triggers happiness and delight. This return to maximalism comes in stark contrast to the recent minimalism, encouraging homeowners to embrace bright, flamboyant décor. Choose from a wide variety of textures, rich colours, and complex patterns, embracing the beauty of imperfections and your unique preferences.
Interior spaces become canvases for personal expression this year.

Retro rewind
The popularity of retro-inspired mustard and olive colours contradict bold colour palettes, yet still find their place in 2024. These earthy tones bring warmth to modern interiors with an eclectic spin, providing a blend of nostalgia and contemporary design, nicely suited to vintage-themed aesthetics.

Test with tech
Innovation redefines the essence of living spaces, and smart tech continues to revolutionise how we choose to live. Technology is set to seamlessly integrate into our surroundings this year, combining comfort and convenience. Options are evergreen, from tech-savvy voice-activated lighting and smart glass, to AI-driven home management systems, making daily life easier, slicker, and undeniably cooler. Homeowners are also investing in ergonomic furniture, soundproofing, and stylish design to improve functionality in home offices.

Go green
Increasingly popular green living is more a lifestyle than a trend. You can expect eco-conscious interior design taking a firm stance with biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and living walls, boldly competing with the technologically based living space evolution.

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