Rattan vibes: Oneworld Collection

Spring is the perfect time to make the most of the resurgence of much loved rattan and shop the trend at Oneworld Collection.

The beautifully made rattan will give you inspiration to revamp your home. Whether you are looking for a retro, bohemian, coastal or tropical style, Oneworld’s versatile range will help you create a space you will love.

A new shipment of our beautiful Cayman and Havana ranges has just arrived at Oneworld. These ranges are handcrafted and woven from rich, sustainably sourced rattan and designed to create texture, warmth and a relaxed feel. The high-quality materials ensure the furniture will last the distance and stay in good shape as it is enjoyed for years to come.

Rattan is such a versatile natural material and works perfectly with many different styles. It’s light tones are sure to complement existing decor and add a light breezy vibe to instantly brighten your space.

Adding touches of rattan to the bedroom will soften the whole space and give it warmth and texture. The Cayman rattan bedhead is an effortless addition to any bed and creates a stylish statement. The Havana rattan two seat bench works perfectly to blend the pieces together and give the room that relaxed feel.

Our Cayman chairs and sofas are so versatile they blend seamlessly with existing pieces in your space.
They are very comfortable and adding extra cushions gives an even more relaxed feel. Include a Cayman coffee table or side table to complement the room too.

Working from home? Why not style your home office to feel like you’re in a resort!
The Cayman desk and chair add a warmth and a relaxed feel to the space. The desk has two handy drawers for storage and a shelf for displaying your favourite decor or holiday snaps.

Such beautiful rich rattan texture and sophisticated design throughout the entire collection make it an absolute favourite. Heather and David would love to see you so please come and visit at the Oneworld showroom.

Open Mon – Sat 10am-5pm.
114 Carlyle Street, Sydenham.
Call 03 972 5584.

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