Pop on in: The Pop Top

Summer is absolutely the time for new and fabulous things and one to look out for comes from the creative stable of TyanHaus.

Ruben Gordon and collaborators proudly present The Pop Top, their gorgeous seventies styled pop top coffee caravan at TyanHaus premises. Monday to Friday 8am -2pm, Ruben is serving delicious brews courtesy of Switch Espresso at TyanHaus.

For the coming warmer season, the caravan will be on location at markets, events, and festivals, and you can follow its travels via social media.

“We’re a fresh new coffee cart bringing sweetness, brightness and colour to your day. We’re here to simplify your coffee experience and teach you about the beautiful potential of our favourite fruit, the Coffee Cherry,” says Ruben.

TyanHaus itself is a collaborative creative space focused on events and the community. A collective of 25 like-minded people have created the awesome site at 6 Carlyle Street for art exhibitions, gigs, and skate competitions. “Whatever your community idea is, we are keen to discuss whether TyanHaus would be the right place to host it,” says Ruben. “We have purposefully designed a really flexible facility where anything can happen.”


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