Poolside with a splash of style: Resene

Originating from the Californian city of the same name, the Palm Springs style is instantly recognisable.

Pairing popular mid-century design elements with a playful flair for colour, this chic and glamourous desert design style has been trending over on the other side of the Pacific.


Easy, breezy and effortless, this posh contemporary coastal look is all about embracing indoor-outdoor living and soaking up the heat and sunshine – which is something Kiwis and Aussies definitely like to do as well. Hallmarks of this style include bold splashes of flamingo pink, citrus yellow, ocean blues and crisp whites, prevalent use of concrete breeze blocks and plenty of heat-loving plants such as palm trees, cacti, succulents and Bougainvillea.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool on your property, half the battle of getting the quintessential design vibe you’re after is already done. There’s nothing more synonymous with Palm Springs than lounging next to a pool in the sun.
If you don’t have the space, budget, or time to maintain a pool, creating a Palm Springs-inspired poolside mural is the next best thing.

Inspired by the artwork of Australian illustrator Joanna Ho, Resene created this mural that could go indoors or out. Indoors, you can evoke the timeless aesthetic that the likes of Donald Wexler, William Krisel and Charles DuBois solidified amongst the city’s desert landscape by incorporating mid -century modern furnishings that privilege clean lines and bold colours.

Plan the design first on paper and label the different areas with the Resene hues that you want to use for reference and to keep on track. It may also help to lightly draw your mural on your wall first so that you can adjust the scale and shape of certain aspects before you start the actual painting.

Mural in Resene Polo Blue (sky), Resene Paradise (pool and agave), Resene Rainee (highlights on agave), Resene Soothe (main wall and steps), Resene Swirl (left wall), Resene Martini (ground, step sides and door and window sides), Resene High Tide (door and window) and Resene Half Black White (pool edge), patio pavers in Resene Concrete Stain Bleached Grey, metal tray table in Resene High Tide, large plant pot (with Bird of Paradise) in Resene Half Black White, medium plant pot (with palm, inside plant stand) in Resene Polo Blue, rattan plant stand in Resene Half Black White, drinks tray in Resene Polo Blue and vases and small pots in Resene Tuscany, Resene Rainee and Resene High Tide.

Sun lounger and white side table from Poynters, towel from Tessuti, Bird of Paradise and Palm Plants from Nood, sunglasses from Le Spec, sandals from Flo & Frankie.

Project by Laura Lynn Johnston. Images by Bryce Carleton

Get inspired at your local ReseneColorShop,


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