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If you’re bored with the endless selection of black gaming and computer accessories, the new G Aurora collection is for you.

The wizards at Logitech have recognised that gamers like their individuality – and with 50 percent of the gaming community being female, the need for some colourful accessories has never been so prevalent.

With the release of the Logitech G Aurora collection, customisable, colourful choices are now at your fingertips. And perhaps best of all, the whole collection is certified carbon neutral.

The range includes the G735 Wireless Headset, G715 and G713 Keyboards, both with funky cloud palm rest, G707 Wireless Mouse (purpose-built for smaller hands), and a host of accessories to customise your peripherals.

The base products are white, but pink or green faceplates, key-caps and ear-pads can be added which, when combined with the built-in fully-adjustable RGB lighting, you can get this collection looking pretty snazzy. You can even get matching mouse mats to finish off your look.

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