Pioneering new therapies: The Beauty Parlour

An innovative and pioneering approach to business goes a long way in paving the path to success.

For the business owner who shuns complacency, is always open to new ideas, and strives to keep ahead of the game, the only way is up.

Angela McCarthy-Coffin of The Beauty Parlour was the first to introduce both the Procell Therapies micro-channelling and stem cell serum to Christchurch. “The non-invasive Procell micro-channelling delivers serum that utilises stem cells found naturally in bone marrow. It has proved to induce healing in the skin without scars or lasting inflammation.”

With each channel prompting an inflammatory response, collagen formation is initiated which, over time, improves skin texture and overall appearance, for firmness, smoothness, hydration, and better elasticity and tone. The result is glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Angela explains the difference between micro-needling and micro-channelling, and why the latter is described as non-invasive. “Micro-needling tends to drag the skin; whereas micro-channelling involves a stamping technique, which causes less trauma to the skin.”

Alongside less abrasion, other major benefits of Procell micro-channelling are that there is less downtime and a quick recovery period. “Only 24 hours after treatment, the skin looks really good.”
While there are many reputable skin therapies out there, Angela believes stem cell serum is a game changer in skincare. “Stem cell serum stands alone in how it helps rejuvenate skin
and stimulates collagen production,” she explains.

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