Picturesque pies

Sweet or savoury and perfect for every season, the humble pie has a lot to offer, whether it is a Kiwi classic mince pie or adding a little flair with a frangipane tart. Your pantry can become a wonderland of inspiration, when you have the right bakeware to create a masterpiece encased in a delicious pastry package.


Keep it classic

Ceramic pie dishes add a hint of tradition to your cooking and are the perfect host for that family apple pie recipe that has made its way through generations.

Signature versatility

It’s not all savoury when it comes to a casserole, and the shallow dish is perfect for a tarte tartin or a frangipane. Suitable for both stove and oven, this is a must for versatile and stylish cooking.

Le Creuset, Cast Iron Shallow Casserole

Make it personal

Dress to impress in an individual ramekin, mini casserole or tart tin, and give everyone a little gift of culinary indulgence. These allow for dietary considerations, and make it easier to serve the messier dishes.

Le Creuset, mini cocotte set in Botanique

Transformative tins

Making serving easy with non-stick surfaces and a removable base, these tins will ensure your robust crust stands proud as the pastry centrepiece when it comes to serving. Try with a shortcrust pastry quiche or lemon meringue pies.

Perfect Crusts

Get the perfect crust with the assistance of ceramic pie weights, to avoid your pastry rising too much and reducing space for your delicious filling.



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