Pick me up: The Coffee Workshop

No better pick-me-up exisits than a good cup of coffee. The taste is even better when you know you’re supporting local.

From locals, for locals, Christchurch coffee brand The Coffee Workshop creates quality coffee blends roasted in small batches to consistently
produce that fresh taste.

At their Vinyl Cafe, located on Essex Street, you can immerse yourself in the groovy atmosphere with coffee, a pizza, or both. In times of uncertainty, the café brings the energy that Christchurch locals need.

Offering roasted coffee bean blends, equipment, green beans, and more, you can source all of your coffee needs.

Pop in for a cup and leave with a delicious selection of freshly roasted coffee blends to make every day a breeze. The Coffee Workshop creates four different blends of coffee, including one decaf, all roasted in-house.

Their coffee blend brand, Four Aves, cements local values, with the names echoing the four iconic Christchurch avenues: Fitzgerald, Moorhouse,
Bealey, and Deans.

These blends also offer adaptability to create unique coffee blends tailored to your individual needs.

To start your day right, visit Vinyl Cafe at 24B Essex Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch or browse the range online.


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