Jerry & George Artisan Bakers

Perfect Batch: Jerry & George Artisan Bakers

Combining generous portions of expertise and dedication with an extra spoonful of love, Jerry & George Artisan Bakers’ delectable range of goods provides the perfect mix of quality and taste.


Jerry & George Artisan Bakers


Specialising in sourdough bread and French pastries, baker Jeremy Jaeger and his wife Beth created the local business in 2015, heavily supported by a loyal staff of family and friends. So, who is George? He is the levain (sourdough starter), Jerry says. “George is from France and is over 40 years old. We’ve kept him alive and there is a bit of George in everything.”

Jerry perfected the art of sourdough at a 100 percent sourdough bakery he worked for in Australia. He fell in love with the bread and offers 13 Jerry & George varieties – from Fennel and Poppy, Rye Fruit, Curry Honey and Hazelnut, to Purple Wheat, Olive and Thyme, Multigrain and Classic White – as well as the ever-popular, Polenta.

“Our three-day sourdough process means our breads are very low in gluten, low GI, and are far easier for your stomach to digest.”
Jerry also spent two years working with a French baker, who taught him everything he knows about pastries. Along with scrumptious ciabatta, focaccia and baguettes, customers can choose from the beautiful Berry Danish, Apricot and White Chocolate Danish, Almond and Strawberry Croissant, Pain au chocolat, or donuts and Raisin Snails.


Fresh products can be found at these local farmers’ markets: Ohoka, The Colombo mall, Mount Pleasant and New Brighton. Follow Jerry & George Artisan Bakers on Facebook for more information.



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