People, property, & priorities: Cameron Bailey

Partner in Harcourts Gold, Cameron Bailey’s career in real estate spans some 18 years. With more than $1.2 billion in sales to date, he’s one of the country’s best-known real estate agents.

The man who loves fast cars, also lives a full life. But he says he’s getting better at working smarter not just harder.

“Chasing the money never works,” says Cameron. “What works is initiative, energy, stamina, and the ability to achieve the best result.”

Likewise, he says, there are times that tough conversations need to be had to move on in real estate and, for that matter, in life itself.

“I’m happy to share my knowledge and expertise to help anyone I can, whether they’re my clients or colleagues or someone else’s. It simply doesn’t make sense not to. Everyone’s the poorer for not doing that. I look forward to the day everyone in the industry does that.”

Cameron loves that true real estate is about the people, not about the houses. “I have the privilege to help people move through different stages and situations in their lives, where I become a financial advisor, counsellor, or just a friend to listen.

“If you’re doing your job properly you know the story behind every sale, what motivates the client, what’s driving the buyer… having that insight is an integral part of our work. In every sale and purchase, there is both logic and emotion. If you can’t recognise and respect that, you’re in the wrong job.”

His advice for clients is to first choose the right agent because there’s a big difference in the value and skills that an agent can offer.

“It’s not about commission, or free marketing, as both of these can be more than covered by the value a skilled agent can add. Everyone has an opinion about real estate, how you should sell your property and how much for, and that’s fine,” says Cameron, “but if you trust your agent, you need to also trust the process, what they’re saying about the market, and the price they believe can be achieved.”

Right now, Cameron’s downtime is largely taken up with a focus on his health, well-being, and learning about the power of the mind. He can often be found in an ice bath, a sauna, or doing Wim Hof breathwork in the morning.

Having conquered pretty much every real estate mountain there is, he admits that parenting his 11-year-old twin daughters as they move into their teenage years will probably test even his considerable negotiating skills.

“They’ve heard me talk on the phone so much, they are starting to use my negotiation skills against me.” Maybe they’re the future in real estate.

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