Peachy keen

Interior decorators, fashion, footwear and accessory designers, and jewellers are embracing Pantone’s “Colour of the Year 2024”, known as Peach Fuzz.

Described by the Pantone Colour Institute as a comforting hue ‘softly nestled between pink and orange’, the colour was chosen to express a yearning for community and cosiness during uncertain times.

As a colour, it is complemented by neutral tones such as cream and straw, paired with numerous green hues, and pops against its colour wheel opposite, blue. Well-suited for use in children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and playrooms, Peach Fuzz is also evident in designs for contemporary kitchens, lounges, and master bedrooms.

Here are some suggestions:

  • In a monochrome colour palette – Pair with other warm colours, such as buttery yellows, bright oranges, and soft pinks.
  • In a vintage palette – Peach walls were popular in the 1980s, paired with mauve, teal, ochre, and seafoam green.
  • In a vibrant colour palette – For a more dynamic look, juxtapose it against deep reds and bright blues.

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