What about Blockchain?

The New Zealand Government is currently reviewing the potential for a sovereign digital currency, as are many other countries around the world. Among those in the spotlight is Blockchain, a mature technology that, while fresh to New Zealand, is growing fast. Globally job listings for crypto and blockchain have been skyrocketing, growing 118 percent year-on-year […]

What is your next chapter? Mike Pero Real Estate Northcote

The motivations as to why people buy or sell property range from a change in employment location or growth in family size, to downsizing or working on an investment portfolio. “In our profession of selling homes, we meet many people who are on a journey of big change in their living situation,” says Sahab Hussain, […]

Using green tech for climate change

Reducing carbon emissions to net zero is urgent, and so is adjusting to the hazards of a warming world. Among the companies actively supporting change is FintechNZ which recently called for more commitment to green tech to help climate change and move toward a sustainable financial services sector. FintechNZ acting executive director Jason Roberts says […]

Shaping the future: Anderson Lloyd

Resource Management is a dynamic and rapidly changing area of law, with ambitious reforms planned. That’s where Anderson Lloyd partner Sarah Eveleigh comes into play. For Sarah, the most enjoyable part of her practice is the variety of work each day, and the team nature of this area of law. Having graduated with both a […]

Home-based business boom

Many successful businesses have started in the home or garage and some of them have flourished. Jeff Bezos initially sold books out of his garage, and went on to create Amazon in 1995. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm. Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded their company in a garage. Apple’s […]

Dealing with your legalities: Pegasus Bay Law

Paperwork doesn’t fill most hearts with joy, but it runs the gamut from essential to life-enhancing. It’s smart to get it done but even smarter to get it done by Pegasus Bay Law, who thrive on putting your life in the best order. The property market is running hot right now, and the friendly team […]