Get organised: NH+ Associates

Happy end of the financial year 2022. It’s certainly been a year full of contrast – boom for some, whilst others have had challenges to navigate: supply chain issues, employment shortages, and a lack of tourists. The end is nigh for tax year 2022, and what better way to finish than being super organised with […]

Lifeline for struggling business owners

Haylee Wrenn has seen it all – from business owners who can’t understand why they are making a loss, to those who don’t realise they are making a profit. Some businesses are structured inefficiently, while others are too lean. Every week she speaks with someone whose mental health is severely affected by their business position. […]

Adding up retirement: phwealth

Retirement is inevitable for all of us, but some are more prepared than others. The latest retirement expenditure report predicts that a couple living in Christchurch City will need $809,000 over and above NZ Super to live a retirement with “choices”. The figure reduces to $511,000 for a couple living in the regions. For a […]

Reaching for the stars

Women in Space Aotearoa New Zealand is a new organisation dedicated to expanding opportunities for women and other gender minorities to work in space fields and pursuing gender equity in the space sector. Its aim is to provide a professional network and inclusive community that supports women working in the space sector in New Zealand, […]

A decade of sound advice: Alistair Bean & Associates

Financial advice is a necessity in today’s world, both for businesses and private individuals. Many people seek financial advice when they are at a crossroads in their life. Planning for the future, buying a house, starting a family or looking at retirement are all times when professional financial advice may be of lasting benefit. Heading […]

Making a perfect pivot

In today’s uncertain market, the best way to stay relevant is to grow with the changes and get on with it. Metropol writer Kia Dirkson has some suggestions about how to change to get ahead. It is called a pivot and it means fundamentally changing the direction of a business when you realise the current […]