A decade of sound advice: Alistair Bean & Associates

Financial advice is a necessity in today’s world, both for businesses and private individuals.

Many people seek financial advice when they are at a crossroads in their life. Planning for the future, buying a house, starting a family or looking at retirement are all times when professional financial advice may be of lasting benefit.

Alistair Bean

Heading successfully into their 10th year of business in Christchurch this month, Alistair Bean & Associates – Financial Advisers are financial experts who can help you identify what’s right for you, advise about the risks of certain investments, and assist in setting you up for the future.

In turbulent Covid-19 times, Alistair’s key message is “Don’t fear, we will get there,” especially with a little financial advice where needed.

“Britain is living with it [Covid-19], so too are Australia and the United States of America, and New Zealand must too.”

For investments, he says the biggest question is always where to put funds.

“Interest rates are crazy at present due to inflation, rates will go up, but they may quickly come down which affects investments. It’s a time when financial advice will be a big help.”

One of the biggest problems creating financial uncertainty is the traffic jam in shipping, which is seriously impacting supply and demand, he says. “Demand has not gone down, unemployment is at record low levels, and people have not been travelling internationally, so they likely have the benefit of more disposable income to invest.

“Because of the pandemic panic, there are lots of great investments at bargain prices and plenty that are not necessarily good investments. That’s where a financial adviser will help to sort the wheat from the chaff.”

Alistair and his team have a combined 42+ years’ experience and believe that regular face-to-face meetings with their clients is the most important service that their firm offers.

“It is particularly imperative that this occurs in present Covid-19 times when unforeseen changes have been thrust upon us again. We can help you calm the waters to make the best adjustments to meet your individualised needs or assist you with staying the course if your goals have not changed,” he says.

KiwiSaver, a sound investment

Over 89 billion dollars is already invested in KiwiSaver and exponentially the fund is going up and up.

“Ten year returns for growth have averaged over 11 percent, It is a sound investment,” says Alistair, “as many people aged 45 and over are finding out.”

“Initially their funds were only a few thousand dollars, but now many of them have $100,000 and more to their names.”

To live your life with financial freedom, call Alistair on 03 288 0404, email Alistair.bean@abafs.co.nz or visit the website.


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