Blooming for over 80 years: Court Florist

From weddings and birthdays to Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, a talented florist can add to any special occasion. A stunning floral design can brighten any event, and also makes a meaningful gift. Christchurch’s Court Florist has an enduring legacy of supplying gorgeous arrangements, since it was first established in 1937 by the Hopkins family. New […]

Editor’s note: Patience is a virtue

Heading into the annual festive ‘silly season’, life for many of us will be more hectic than usual, tempers will fray, and emotions will get the better of some of us. None of this is unusual, yet there are a few practices that can make life easier. Many of them are clichés. As a rule, […]

Spotlight on Daniel O’Donnell

Irish singing legend Daniel O’Donnell talks to Metropol editor Lynda Papesch, ahead of his February visit to Christchurch. In his first international tour since 2017, Daniel O’Donnell will take centre-stage on 27 February, at the Christchurch Town Hall. A regular on the touring circuit for more than 40 years, Daniel is known for his engaging […]

Endless entertainment: Codebreakers

The entertainment scene in Christchurch is quickly growing. One space in particular is catching the eye of many Cantabrians for a fun night out. You don’t need any skills or to be overly able, just a little bit of optimism to hit the bullseye, serve well, and crack the code. Codebreakers boasts three incredible areas […]

A fantastic time: Christchurch City Council

It is almost Cup and Show Week when we show off our beautiful city to the rest of the country, and doesn’t it look terrific in the spring? This is the week when country comes to town, and we celebrate our rural neighbours who have made Canterbury strong. I’m really looking forward to being among […]

Visit historic Kaiwara Homestead

An open weekend at historic Kaiwara Homestead, on 18 and 19 November, will delight gardeners and history buffs everywhere. Metropol writer Céline Gibson has a sneak peek at what’s in store.   Arare opportunity to view one of Canterbury’s finest farming properties, two consecutive open days at Kaiwara Homestead in Culverden will also benefit the […]

Shield your hair from the sun: Haar Design

The importance of SPF for protecting the skin is well known, but few know how to keep their hair healthy and hydrated, especially over the harshest time of the year, summer. Introducing System Professional’s Solar Line, a line designed to protect your precious locks from damage caused by sun exposure. The line has a hair […]

Looking to the future: Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce

This election was fought amidst significant uncertainty facing businesses. Now more than ever, they need a government formed, and fit-for-purpose policy settings that create certainty, reduce the cost of doing business, allow better access to a migrant workforce, and reduce compliance costs and red tape. Canterbury businesses are bold, with big aspirations for their future […]

Editor’s perspective: Fireworks

Guy Fawkes went off with a bang as usual earlier this month. Along with it came an assortment of missing and traumatised animals, fires, injuries, and calls for its abolition. While I enjoy fireworks displays, and sparklers especially, I’m not a fan of uncontrolled crackers, snaps, smoke balls, fountains, rockets, and wheels. Rather I’m not […]

Baby’s first vaccine: Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct

Local researchers, together with clinicians, are relentlessly pursuing improvements in treatments to deliver better outcomes across our communities. Regretfully, sometimes delivering the benefits of proven research is frustrated by poor subsequent application. Recently I had the privilege of attending Professor Tony Walls’ inaugural professorial lecture at the University of Otago here in Christchurch. As part […]