Your E-bike destination: E-Mega Store

Bicycles stacked walls to rafters, a web of pedals and tires. Brands, shelves, tools, and gadgets you never knew you needed. Welcome to your everyday bicycle store. The E-Mega Store layout mirrors that of a vehicle showroom with glass sliding doors and lofty ceilings. You can physically walk in between every bike at E-Mega, the […]

From the editor: 9 June 2022

Democracy One of the many joys of living in New Zealand is that it is a democracy. A simple definition of democracy is government by the people, or rather a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people, and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation, usually involving […]

Taking a new path

Christchurch Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner’s decision to exit local body politics at this year’s October elections surprised many. Metropol editor Lynda Papesch looks back on his career and at his path ahead. Taking time out to enjoy life is at the forefront of Andrew Turner’s thoughts these days. After October, Christchurch’s deputy mayor will have […]

Expanding our universe

A University of Canterbury student is rocketing from her lectures and labs into the American aerospace industry this year after she won a prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship. The only New Zealander and first person from the Southern Hemisphere to become a fellow, Jennifer Berry has already started her fourth year studying engineering at the University […]

Life is a cabaret

Described as a unique floorshow experience of song, dance and cirque acts, mixed with a sprinkle of delightful tongue-in-cheek items, Cabaret Einhundert (the word Einhundert translates to 100) celebrates 100 years of music, spanning eras from the 20s and 30s through to today. By the Silhouette Academy on June 18 and 19, it promises to […]

Queenstown’s new rejuvenation mural

Leading New Zealand mural artist Tess Sheerin has produced a Covid-19 inspired mural in Queenstown, aimed at helping mental health. During and after the Covid-19 lockdowns, one positive effect on the Aotearoa community is that it has forced many people to consider what is most important in life, Sheerin says. This includes being able to […]

Purr-fect style and comfort: The Purrfect Ride

Pulling up in a Jag has been the perfect entrance for celebs, romantics, spies, and classic car connoisseurs for decades. In fact, that purr of the V8 motor, almost cat-like, has been a statement on the roads for 100 years – 2022 marks the Jaguar’s centenary. From a James Bond car chase in No Time […]

Keeping your valuables safe: Commonwealth Vault

“As good as gold” is a favourite saying for Kiwis, and no wonder. The love of gold runs through our veins just as it runs through the quartz veins of Otago schist. Driven by rapidly rising inflation, higher interest rates, and unexpected geopolitical risk, gold is once again king of the hill. Currently increasing in […]

Where there’s a will: Pegasus Bay Law

Accidents and illness happen, and life changes daily with sunrise and sunset. Being prepared for unexpected change, such as a death in the family, can often make it easier for those left to move forward. “Leaving this world without a clear legal will can create chaos for loved ones left to sort things out, and […]

The Influencers: Leeann Watson

Back in full swing We’re already halfway through 2022 and despite the frosty mornings and chill to the air, it is warming to see that a sense of vibrancy has returned to the city in recent weeks. The retail, hospitality, and events sectors are starting to stabilise after an exceedingly difficult period of time. It […]