Organic edible oils: Waihi Bush

With over 30 years in the industry, the creation of the brand “Waihi Bush Organic Farm” came from a desire to find a solution to a family health problem.

Oliver, the youngest son of owner and founder David Musgrave, developed eczema. This became so itchy that he would scratch himself day and night, to the point of bleeding.

A family acquaintance, who was importing Canadian flax seed oil, gave David a bottle of that oil. Within days of Oliver taking the flax oil, there was an improvement in his condition.

An itch-free week went by and suddenly, life had become hugely different for the family. In 1994 David then started growing and pressing flax seed oil himself, a process that continues today, albeit on a larger scale.

In 2016 Waihi Bush Organic Farm developed its gourmet range for those looking for healthy whole foods and edible oils.

Pumpkin and chia seed oils were introduced, along with an ethically harvested organic coconut oil. More was to come. With the rules around the growing of hemp changing, Waihi Bush Organic Farm now contracts growers to produce organic hemp seed in New Zealand.

Truly this is a company with a strong culture of research and development, driven by passion and integrity to enhance people health.

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