One stop clinic: Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist

New Zealand is loved for its long sunshine hours and outdoor lifestyle; however, it also has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world.

It is important to wear sunscreen daily and to have your skin checked by an expert in skin cancer regularly.

The clinic at Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist, offers a one stop clinic for skin cancer care. They provide doctor led full skin checks with digital mole mapping using the latest technology, Fotofinder.

If a pre-cancerous lesion or invasive cancer is detected, then the doctor will prescribe treatment or book directly for surgical excision as required. The patients appreciate getting real time advice from the examining doctor and having all the management taken care of for them.

The team of doctors and nurses look after everything, from your first consultation to post-surgery and recovery. The world-leading Fotofinder Medicam technology gives crystal clear imaging (up to 200 times magnification) and highly accurate digital mole mapping.

Dermatologist Mairi-Clare says that FotoFinder is the clinic’s big point of difference. “The clarity of the images is outstanding. We can use this tool to monitor lesions for change.”

“We can re-image the same lesion at different time intervals, and the technology will detect any minute changes in the lesions before they are visible to the
human eye.”

This skin cancer clinic is expert in Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS), the gold standard for treating two of the most common types of skin cancer – basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas.

MMS has the highest cure rate as well as the lowest rate of recurrence. The Mohs technique results in the tumour to be cleared with the smallest possible defect, allowing for an optimum cosmetic result.

New Clinicians

With a recent move to spacious new premises in Papanui, Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist is delighted to welcome two new clinicians to the team.

Dr. Cristina Mello is a medical dermatologist with a special interest in hand and nail disorders. Christina joins the clinic in a full-time capacity to oversee all aspects of medical dermatology.

Dermatology Associate Dr Terence Goh provides full skin checks, as well as surgical skin cancer procedures. To make an appointment with Dr Ferguson, Dr Mello, Dr Trowbridge or Dr Goh, call 03 925 9812, or email

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