One pickle to rule them all: Gordon’s Pickles

Gordon’s Chilli and Honey Flavoured Pickled Onions are an entertainer’s superpower to have on hand to quickly conjure up delicious finger food.

Impressive on a platter, mixed in a cheese ball, this recipe tastes out of this world.

They add a zing to cooking. The honey flavour mellows the chilli with a hint of sweetness. A jar will last well in the fridge – the longer you leave them, the stronger they get.

It’s the combination of Gordon’s Pickles secret piquant vinegar and crunchy perfectly pickled onions that are dangerously addictive, and high in healthy probiotics and digestive enzymes. They come in lip-smacking original too, or just the onions (peeled and ready to go) for those who enjoy pickling their own.

Gordon’s Cheese Ball

1 cup of grated cheese
One pottle of cream cheese
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts
4 chopped ‘Outrageous’ Chilli and Honey Flavoured Pickled Onions
1 lemon, juiced
Ground black pepper
Mix together and form a ball.
Roll in chopped parsley

Conjure up your own twist on the ingredients by adding pineapple, roll in chives or other herbs, and try out different cheeses.

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