Middle-eastern food masterpieces: Maihan Supermarket

Both modern transportation and the internet have contributed to our desire to learn about other countries and cultures. This includes learning about and cooking dishes from cuisines that contrast from standard Kiwi fare.

By stepping outside our culinary comfort zone, we can discover a new world of taste sensations that we never knew existed. Middle Eastern food, with its unique blend of flavours, spices and fresh ingredients, is becoming more and more popular.

One supermarket in Christchurch has all the ingredients you need to create a stunning tagine, shakshuka, hummus, baba ganoush, kofta, or falafel. The Maihan Supermarket in Sydenham is Christchurch’s premier Middle Eastern grocery store and Halal Butchery. They stock a variety of unique and authentic Middle Eastern food, spices, candies, biscuits, dried fruits, nuts, and condiments. The selection of gourmet Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Afghani, Indian, and Asian delicacies is truly amazing. Chefs from local restaurants frequent the store just to browse the ingredients to inspire their next culinary creation.

The Halal Butchery stocks a large selection of Halal meat, both fresh and frozen. Their specialities are goat, lamb, and beef. If you are catering for a special occasion, speak to one of their onsite butchers, who will be more than happy to assist with special cuts.

This supermarket is indeed a treasure trove, a place to immerse yourself in a rich and diverse experience.


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