Scott Thelning Principal of The Cathedral Grammar School

Meet the Principal 2018: Scott Thelning of The Cathedral Grammar School

Scott Thelning Principal of The Cathedral Grammar School
Scott Thelning Principal of The Cathedral Grammar School

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started and at The Cathedral Grammar School we aim to make that start something extraordinary for your child. Balancing our traditional Christian values with an energy to look forward, our students’ path to excellence begins here. Supported and encouraged by a culture of nurturing, knowing and growing, our students advance on their educational journeys with a solid foundation of academic success and a well-rounded character based on our Anglican character.”

The Cathedral Grammar School is an independent school providing high-quality education for pre-school, primary school and intermediate aged girls and boys.
This is a place of ambition alongside preparation where students learn from the best right from the start. Every year level benefits from the expertise of our high-calibre specialist teachers across multiple subjects. And small class sizes mean a lot of individual attention, ensuring every child’s strengths are identified and built on, with support provided where and when needed.

The Cathedral Grammar School The school structure is unique and designed to ensure students have the opportunity to make the most of their formative school years. The school understands learning happens in different ways at different ages; its students work in both co-educational and single-sex learning environments at times when this best suits their learning journey. In Pre-School and the Junior School, children learn in a co-educational environment. Students in Years 4 to 8 attend either the Boys’ or Girls’ School. Allowing students the best of both worlds, single sex classes offer the opportunity to target and deliver the curriculum in the most effective and interesting style possible, while social skills are developed by sharing mixed-environment break times, specialist classes and activities.
Creativity and culture play a big role here with four choirs and hundreds of individual music, speech and drama lessons every week. It’s also a proud sporting school, providing students with the facilities and encouragement to try their hand at a range of sports and recreation activities.
Ultimately, The Cathedral Grammar School is committed to providing a balance of tradition and rigour, while being curious and adventurous every day. The Cathedral Grammar School – aspiring since 1881.