Meet the brew crew: House of Hop

At a picturesque spot just outside of Geraldine, great food and fantastic beer go hand in hand, spilling over into an epic afternoon chill. PS you’re invited.

Enjoy a deliciously refreshing ‘home away from home’ experience with the charm of family-owned-and-run restaurant and brewery, The House of Hop. This welcoming environment makes its own phenomenal range of craft beer brands on-site. Taste the unique nuances with more than eight popular flavours you may already know and enjoy. These include West Coast IPA, Stout, Pale Ale, Kolsch, wheat beer, and Kiwi Hazy IPA, on tap, yet best served cold.

Add mouth-watering food options to your craft beer preference with robust new summer lunch and dinner menus, just sumptuous enough to make you want more.

“Enjoy the warm embrace that welcome regulars have come to know, with that old school hospitality we pride ourselves in. All you need to do is arrive, and our bubbly family team will do the rest,” says manager Lisa Dawson. “Additionally, bring this fabulously fun, trendy craft-beer sensation to your doorstep by renting our nifty beer trailer, and include us in making memories worth remembering.” 

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