Mealtimes made easy

Despite having 24-hours in a day, finding the time and inspiration for necessary tasks – like cooking healthy and interesting meals – can feel like a chore. So, to make mealtimes easier, Metropol has compiled some tips and tricks for whipping up delicious nosh, (almost) effortlessly.




When it comes to a meal kit delivery service, options are ever-expanding. Why think, plan, and shop your weekly meals when My Food Bag, Woop or Hello Fresh could do it for you? All you need to do is paint, or cook, by numbers. It really couldn’t get easier.

Meal prep is the spray and walk away of cooking. Pre-prepare entire meals and divide them into individual portions, or just get ingredients ready for their night of the week. There are even playlists on Spotify, such as Meal Prep Mega Mix, to help you groove through the task.

The downside of doorstep delivered meal kits is they can be quite pricey, especially if it’s just for one. A handy meal-planner app may be the perfect sous-chef to ensuring you are not stressing over last-minute meal ideas. Try Prepear, Mealime or BigOven.


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