Making the most of show time

Browsing and buying at a home show comes with many benefits. A one-stop shop, full of experts, opportunities, fun, and free things.

To keep you covered, Metropol has thought up an easy-to-remember acronym to ensure you get the most out of the Canterbury Home Show.

Don’t forget to PLIMP:

  • Prepare for a long day and a lot of information. It’s smart to take along a tote or backpack, to carry snacks and water, and fill up with the goodies and reading material you’ll receive along the way.
  • List all of the things you’re interested in learning. Think about financial and home investments, upcoming home projects, material options you’re looking for, contractors you’ll need, and any tools or gadgets that might help.
  • Ideas and inspiration will follow you as you make your way around the show. Avoid limiting yourself to the projects you know you want to complete and be open to stalls and conversations that could benefit your home in unexpected ways.
  • Measure your home spaces before you go. There’s nothing worse than discovering the ultimate piece of furniture or structure that may or may not fit. Find the distances and depths of all the spaces and projects you’re looking into.
  • Photograph the stalls and staff you talk to. After a long day browsing, it’s easy to forget some of the information you gathered. Photos are a handy way to remember who and what was on offer, making the follow-up process smooth.

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