Making a clean break

Sorting out a relative’s home and belongings when they pass away is a time to reflect on their life and what they meant to you.

Trying to do the right thing – and the practical thing – around their worldly goods can be a big, emotional task, where it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

This is Brenda Price’s specialty. Her company Clean Break provides more than a deceased estate cleaning service, her team steps up to do the things that make the sorting-out process easier for loved ones.

Brenda advises on charitable donations and helps choose the charity that best reflects the donor. The team will pack the goods, ready to be delivered to that charity.

Cleaning up the house and garden and getting rid of rubbish is part of the service.

Sometimes clean-ups are challenging, says Brenda. “In one recent case, bags of set concrete and a broken shed needed to be removed. It was all taken care of and the client was so grateful for our work.”

Compassion is at the core of Clean Break’s service. Call Brenda to discuss how she can help 022 683 0822, email
or visit the website below.

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