Make your home feel bigger

Following a few simple interior design rules can help you make your home feel larger, more spacious as well as look good. Here are some tips from Metropol.

  1. Use round pieces
    Using rounded edges makes your room seem less grid-like, and fools the eye into the illusion of a bigger, more dynamic space.
  2. Use metallics as accents
    As well as bouncing light, shiny metallic surfaces are interesting to the eye, adding an illusion of depth to any space.
  3. Blur boundaries using lamps
    Use lamps (lots of them) to light dark spots and corners. This will blur where your room begins and ends.
  4. Add mirrors
    Mirrors are an instant room enhancer. They bounce the light around your room and instantly expand horizons.
  5. Paint walls and ceiling the same colour
    Extending the colour gives the illusion of a bigger room. It’s harder for your eyes to see where your walls begin and end.

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