Make the most of summer: Louvre Solutions

Summer brings friends and family together with barbeques, enjoying cool beverages outside and finally getting to uncover the patio furniture that has been in hiding for the past several months.

The timing is perfect for expanding your indoor living into the warm and sunny outdoors with Canterbury-based Louvre Solutions. They can create a custom space that suits your individual needs with a rain-censored louvre roof, complete with options such as pull-down side screens, LED lighting, and heat lamps.

Entertaining at home has never been easier. Owner/operator Craig Rogers and his team know how to create the perfect outdoor space. Whether entertaining, relaxing, or simply expanding your indoor area, they can bring your ultimate outdoor environment to fruition.

The louvres move at your command to allow full sunshine, to create shade or to provide solid rain protection. The roofs are waterproof and you will no longer need to cover your outdoor furniture, BBQs and upholstery as they will be protected from the harsh New Zealand elements.

Their louvre systems are manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering and aesthetic options to realise your vision of the ultimate outdoor space. The patio louvre system is strong and conforms to all wind and snow load requirements. The louvres integrate flawlessly into any architectural style. Manufactured from extruded aluminium, they offer greater durability than traditional patio covers, and unlike plastic or fabric, these components will outperform in heat, wind and rain.

“When we started out, these premium products were prohibitively expensive. Even with ongoing improvements and advancements in technology to our products, we are able to offer

Louvre Solutions at an affordable price. We are now accessible to markets from entry level properties to very high-end spec homes,” Craig explains. The team takes pride in its burgeoning portfolio of repeat and referred business generated through word of mouth, independent builders, architects, landscape architects and building companies.

About Louvre Solutions:

The benefits of a louvre roof range from aesthetic to practical and environmental.
They are a brilliant addition to homes and can be proactively planned as part of the design/build process or can be retrofitted once the need is identified post construction.
• More than 17 years in the industry, with a solid reputation.
• The company manufactures its products at its Canterbury-based factory.
• A louvre roof can be ready for installation within 10 to 12 weeks.

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