Make mine MYKITA: Anstice Optometrists

Worn by celebrities such as Carrie Bradshaw, Brad Pitt, and Lady Gaga, a new lightweight style of frames are now available in Christchurch.

Only at Anstice Optometrists, the MYKITA frame brand, pictured above, sets new standards in design and manufacturing, with purposeful products that combine handcraft and high technology.

From the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, with a focus on challenging norms and creating new aesthetic impulses within eyewear, the brand pushes visible logos and conventional luxury codes
into the background.

Instead, significant research and development go into advancing constructions, materials, and surfaces. All of these contribute to the characteristic modernity of its frames. The fine, lightweight feel is gaining in popularity this season.

If you’d like to try this revolutionary eyewear, call 03 343 3909 to arrange a fitting, or book online.

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