Make a splash

While some may be wary of lingering cold temperatures, others are itching to embrace the changing season and dive headfirst into water-fuelled activities. Here are a few ideas of how to get your water sport fix.

A popular sport for many Kiwis, and made easier by the many great surf breaks around the country. Christchurch has a few too, including Taylors Mistake, Sumner Beach, New Brighton or a farther drive over to Hickory Bay.

Anyone wanting a more gentle water activity might find paddleboarding just the trick. Standing or kneeling on what looks like a really large surfboard, and using a paddle to wade the water, is a peaceful way to spend some time outdoors.

Great for exploring, kayaking is a fun activity for the whole family. Popular when camping near a lake or water-surrounded areas, kayaking is an ideal way to spend time on the water, and a great workout for your arms too.

Those lucky enough to own a boat, believe nothing beats a day on the water, especially when the sun is shining. Whether fishing, pulling the kids on a wakeboard, or simply cruising and relaxing, the season for those sweet days is near.

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