Luxurious haven

Your bedroom is a sanctuary for your peace of mind (and sleep). Having a luxurious space to wind down in every night is one way to achieve this. Here are a few ways to turn up the luxury.

Beautiful bed linen not only looks great but feels great too. The relaxed, undone look of linen sheets creates softness, just keep plenty of pillows and a throw on the best to keep things looking luxurious.

Nothing gives luxury hotel vibes than an over-the-top amount of plush pillows on the bed. The trick is having at least two pillows on each side of the bed, then layering two European sized pillows and finally two smaller decorative cushions.

Well-fitted window coverings will elevate any bedroom space.
So, whether you choose curtains, blinds or shutters to draw at night, take the time to have them properly made to size. Consider getting an extra metre or two added to your curtains for a plush look when pulled to the side.

To help you ease into a long, uninterrupted sleep, ideally you should be able to dim the lighting in the bedroom or use bedside lamps to create a cosy ambience before you retire. Alternatively invest in a statement hanging light.

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