Love bites

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a huge affair, and neither should treating someone be confined to just one day of the year.

Red is the colour of love, and can be used in a variety of ways, every day, to show someone you love them. Here are some quick and easy suggestions:

Chocolate dipped strawberries –

perfect when strawberries are in season. Simply melt chocolate buttons over a slow heat, dip the strawberries in, and arrange artistically before serving them. Try white chocolate for a change, and remember to leave the stalks on the berries. Alternatively thread on a kebab stick and serve.

Hand-made chocolates-

Invest in a silicone chocolate/candy mould, stock up with chocolate buttons, and fresh fruit such as raspberries. Melt the chocolate, pour half into the moulds, add the fruit, then add the remaining chocolate. Allow to set. Dark chocolate works well with raspberries. Remember fresh fruit goes off so eat as soon as possible.

Fresh berry smoothies-

Treat your loved one to a red-hued berry smoothie for breakfast. Milk, yoghurt, berries, a raw egg, and a dash of chilli flakes will set their taste buds on fire.

Berry pancakes-

Instead of bacon with pancakes and maple syrup, try fresh berries instead, especially during the summer months. (Search our pancake recipe in the top right search bar)

Heart shaped cookies-

If you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day regularly, invest in a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Make your favourite biscuit mix, cut, bake and ice with melted white chocolate, sprinkled with red jelly crystals.

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