Looking from the outside in: Pacific Radiology

Radiology in Canterbury is now more accessible as the Canterbury network of branches expands its patient-based customer care to even more communities, with new branches in Rolleston and Ashburton.


Radiology is often the unsung hero of the medical diagnostic world and can play a vital role in disease management by giving doctors more tools and options where there are medical concerns, allowing for optimal future treatment plans for patients.

The unknowns of medical tests can weigh heavily on you. Health concerns are personal, relevant and deserve the utmost professional attention, so put your medical imaging into expert hands and book in with one of the Pacific Radiology branches near you. With 47 superiorly run, private clinics, Pacific Radiology has made their mark as a world-class New Zealand institution through their commitment to bringing top radiological care to Kiwis.

If you or a loved one has been referred for imaging, take the first step, by simply logging on to the website below for easy-to-follow steps with booking prompts to help you get your imaging at the clinic of your choice.

Step 1.
Search from the list of imaging specific categories that you require.

Step 2.
Find a clinic near you or one you prefer.

Step 3.
Phone to make an appointment.

Over 11 imaging services are available such as X-rays, ultra-sounds, MRI’s, dental imaging, heart and breast imaging, CT and bone density scanning. Sub-specialisation imaging includes abdominal, cardiothoracic, interventional, PET, paediatric and vascular.

Take comfort knowing that a loved one can speak with a friendly booking specialist too, using the area specific clinic number listed.

Your imaging is in good hands with a team of professionals ready to provide you with the support you need, ensuring that your referrer is efficiently informed.

Pacific Radiology have immediate online access to imaging, including emergency cases for quicker response times and the ability to liaise with referrers remotely when needed.

The fully self-funded Research & Education Trust ensures that top-quality radiology patient-support and innovative technological advancements continue indefinitely.
World-class radiology delivered locally.




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