Lapping up Lyttelton

In just over two weeks, Lyttelton Harbour will come alive for the spectacular SailGP.

Now is the time to think ahead, and plan an itinerary to enjoy and explore the village for all those moments in between the action.

An exercise escape
Treat yourself to a dopamine rush with one of the many walking tracks around Lyttelton, such as the popular Bridle Path, or the seaside Coastal Path to Corsair Bay. If you’re up high enough too, you might be treated to a unique viewing experience of the sailing. Or lose the crowds for a while and head to Quail Island, home to a serene two-and-a-half-hour loop track.

Shop and savour
Discover London Street, the heart of Lyttleton’s retail scene. Stroll past its shops and eateries, deciding where you’d like to enjoy your spare time. Whether you cocktail-hop or browse a few local artisans, set time aside to enjoy the stores and cuisine at leisure.

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