Invest in your smile: OrthodontiX

Let’s face it. Having great teeth, for many, comes with a hefty price tag.

They’re something that are worth the investment, although it’s worth making sure the product you invest in is the right decision.
Dr Ronald Sluiter, has been perfecting teeth for decades, and is the founder of Christchurch’s OrthodontiX clinics, which offer a range of different ways to straighten teeth.

As technology develops, new options come available in the market for building a beautiful smile. Angel Aligner joins Invisalign in using expert innovation to straighten teeth, just as braces do, with invisible inserts and much less hassle.

Angel Aligner is a case by case treatment and comes with a flexible schedule, while being a cheaper alternative to other products like Invisalign. The brand “redefines invisible orthodontic treatment,” to efficiently, yet gently, move teeth into the right position over time.
Dr Sluiter says it can often be helpful to consider alternatives. “There are big brands, but sometimes other players may prove valuable as well.” Each clear aligner combines self-adaptive material for tooth-movement control and innovative material for complex movements and fracture resistance.

For advice on the best option for you, contact and book with OrthodontiX, your local orthodontic specialists.

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