In the trenches

Trench coats have lasted the decades, so how are they being reimagined this year?


The trench coat marches through the eras – a staple as much intrenched in our wardrobes as the little black dress. Ever since the Hollywood styles of Marleen Deitrich, it’s been the cover up with the allure – the trademark of mystery and femininity. The coat can be dressed up or down, covering absolutely any attire underneath, from the latest fishnets to ripped jeans.

First glimpses of the trench coat began with British and French army soldiers, then fashion houses such as Burberry created a trend, the company’s namesake tartan, lining its latest styles. Fashionistas now love reinventing this classic. Big balloon sleeves add comfortable slouchy style. Oversizing this already oversized item is hot. This will feel somewhat like cuddling up in a duvet when winter hits. However, sophisticated fitting lines are just as current, as is more unexpected shaping. Short and double-breasted is also a sleek way to wear one.

Traditionally classic in creamy beige or classy black, there is also dusky flesh pink – a demure shade to flaunt a swishing hemline. Silver-grey with metallic buttons is cool and lime green has even been seen. Leather, including vegan, and bright red in PVC are some new options to the traditional heavy duty cottons. The trench traditionally grazes just above the ankles, but any length goes this time round. The traditional armour of belts, straps, epaulets, pockets and statement buttons all add interest and purpose.

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