In expert hands: Beauty Progress

Imagine discovering an anti-ageing skin care range that works at a cellular level, enabling skin to regenerate and heal itself.

GERnétic Laboratories do not imagine, they research and study, and understand the difference between mature and young skin.

‘Applied Cellular Biology’ is the science behind the resulting products, and these products have captured a global fanbase.

Wendy Barker of Beauty Progress is a facial therapist of 37 years. Wendy chose GERnétic skin and body products in accordance with her knowledge of skin and its needs. Combine Wendy’s knowledge and passion for skincare with the GERnétic team’s fervour for their brand, and customers are assured of outstanding results in relaxation and skin therapies.

Prior to each GERnétic facial, especially for new customers, a consultation involving questions as to lifestyle, specific skin conditions, and their intolerances, helps form a diagnosis and start the correct journey.

Skin problems can range from dull skin, excess shine, blackheads, dehydration, loss of elasticity, excess keratinisation, and loss of muscle mass, through to irritated, red congested skin, spots and pigmentation, reactive, sensitive skin, and bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Contact Wendy on 03 3794 315 to book a luxurious facial and skin consultation, or book online.

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