Cultivate a Zen space

Whether you derive pleasure from meditating, reading, or journalling, creating a designated space for relaxation can facilitate a profound sense of tranquility.

When on a quest for serenity, the first step is to choose an uncluttered spot. Whether nestled in the corner of your living room or in the seclusion of your garden, this space should exude a sense of calm, inviting you to shed the burdens of the day.

Carefully choose furniture, be it a plush beanbag, a purposeful meditation mat, or a luxuriously reclining chair. Your retreat, whether indoors or under the open sky, should resonate with personal comfort, creating an intimate cocoon where you can truly unwind.

If your retreat is outdoors, nature surrounds you; if indoors, introduce plants that resonate with you, harnessing the benefits of this natural mood enhancer. The verdant presence of plants not only adds a touch of natural beauty, but also harnesses the therapeutic qualities of nature, elevating your Zen space.

Mindful selection of colours contributes to maintaining a Zen atmosphere. Even if your favourite colour is hot pink, opt for neutral tones in your relaxation zone to avoid overstimulation.

Further enhance the ambience with the power of essential oils. Whether applied delicately on your wrists or diffused through the air, their aromatic effects contribute to the holistic experience. Lavender is well known for its relaxation properties, but you can also explore the lesser-known virtues of orange for meditation and clary sage for stress relief to unlock the full spectrum of aromatic tranquility.


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